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James Churchman jameschurchman at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 12:43:29 CST 2010

Hi Peter, thanks for your reply.That does sound a lot better, also if it had "windows" (the glass ones) that would be great too. One thing to note also, those contracts obviously require a carrier-unlocked device:-)

On 31 Jul 2010, at 12:26, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> Not off-topic at all. We need to make sure that we have better wifi at the
> next European meeting. To that end, at IETF 78 in Maastricht this week I
> chatted with a guy who works in a fairly large office of Cisco in
> Brussels. He said they have some large conference rooms that we might be
> able to use. The office is not in the center of town (it's close to the
> airport = BRU), but on the other hand we could use it for free (since I
> work for Cisco these days) and it would have good connectivity.
>> Slightly random, but remembering all the huge wifi problems at the belgium
>> summit (and the fact that mobile data costs a huge amount when abroad)
>> I thought that this would be useful to everybody :
>> http://paygsimwithdata.wikia.com/wiki/Pay_as_you_go_sim_with_data_Wiki
>> It is a list of pay-as-you go 30 day mobile contracts in each country, and
>> there appear to be two good belgium ones (one is €15 euro for voice and
>> data for 30 days)
>> I originally got the list from this article :
>> http://www.tuaw.com/2010/07/30/a-wiki-for-prepaid-iphone-compatible-sim-cards-around-the-worl/
>> Hope this is not too off topic and useful for the next years Europe
>> summit!! (and, that the wifi is better next year too :-)
>> James
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