[Summit] getting organized

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Jun 14 15:26:25 CDT 2010


OK, folks, I have scheduled an XMPP Summit for July 19+20 in Portland,
so it's time for us to get busy.

The value of this Summit will come from your efforts.

I don't think that the last Summit in Brussels was all that productive.
We had a lot of talk on Monday (I missed Friday, sorry), but I didn't
see much action as a result.

- Much of the discussion came to the conclusion that we need more
implementation and deployment experience regarding SIFT, XEP-0198,
message receipts, and roster versioning, but I haven't seen a lot of
activity on those fronts.

- No one wrote up "hats" for MUC 2.0, the Muji spec (XEP-0272) hasn't
been updated, we've stalled out on Domain Name Assertions, etc.

- The Jingle Nodes work has been active, so that's good, but there's
only one implementation as far as I know. What about client support?

I don't want another Summit in which we sit around brainstorming about
"interesting" ideas that don't address pressing issues or that are
solutions in search of problems.


1. I'd love to see more hacking, interop testing, code sprints, etc.
Who's volunteering?

2. Do we want/need some kind of "intro to XMPP" tutorial on the first
day so that we can draw in more new developers?

3. What pressing issues do people want to solve? Do we need a Summit to
make progress on those issues, or can we do so by other means?

I don't like to travel, so I'd prefer not to go to Portland only to
learn that we're not achieving much. Your suggestions are welcome for
making this event a success.



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