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Mon Jun 14 15:49:22 CDT 2010

On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 16:26, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:
> <rant>
> OK, folks, I have scheduled an XMPP Summit for July 19+20 in Portland,
> so it's time for us to get busy.
> The value of this Summit will come from your efforts.
> I don't think that the last Summit in Brussels was all that productive.
> We had a lot of talk on Monday (I missed Friday, sorry), but I didn't
> see much action as a result.
> - Much of the discussion came to the conclusion that we need more
> implementation and deployment experience regarding SIFT, XEP-0198,
> message receipts, and roster versioning, but I haven't seen a lot of
> activity on those fronts.
> - No one wrote up "hats" for MUC 2.0, the Muji spec (XEP-0272) hasn't
> been updated, we've stalled out on Domain Name Assertions, etc.
> - The Jingle Nodes work has been active, so that's good, but there's
> only one implementation as far as I know. What about client support?
> I don't want another Summit in which we sit around brainstorming about
> "interesting" ideas that don't address pressing issues or that are
> solutions in search of problems.
> Therefore:
> 1. I'd love to see more hacking, interop testing, code sprints, etc.
> Who's volunteering?

I think we should pick one area for interop so we (me?) can setup a
test environment for peeps to target - that way it's focused and folks
can come prepared

> 2. Do we want/need some kind of "intro to XMPP" tutorial on the first
> day so that we can draw in more new developers?

If we do have it, then I think it should be a side-bar or off where
someone can focus on them and not a major point of the summit.

With the books available now, we should give them that and
instructions on how to get online :)

> 3. What pressing issues do people want to solve? Do we need a Summit to
> make progress on those issues, or can we do so by other means?

Interop and testing - that's my major focus to be honest.

> I don't like to travel, so I'd prefer not to go to Portland only to
> learn that we're not achieving much. Your suggestions are welcome for
> making this event a success.
> /psa
> </rant>
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