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Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 12:01:51 -0600
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During the Board meeting just now, we discussed Summit #11. The schedule
is challenging because IETF 81 is being held in Quebec City the same
week that OSCON is being held in Portland (July 24-29 or so). Here are
several alternatives:

1. Hold the Summit in Quebec City on the Friday/Saturday or
Saturday/Sunday before IETF81 (July 22/23 or 23/24). This might be
inconvenient for people who want to attend OSCON. However, I could work
with the IETF to make sure that the XMPP WG session (and, given our i18n
push, the PRECIS WG session) are held on Monday, so that XMPP folks can
participate in those sessions. The XSF might even pay for day passes to
encourage XSF members to attend on Monday.

2. Hold the Summit in Portland on the Monday/Tuesday of OSCON week (July
25/26). People who participate in the IETF meeting won't be able to
attend (e.g., people like me and Joe Hildebrand), but that might not be
the end of the world.

3. Do a bit of both (smaller meetings in both Quebec City and Portland).

4. Hold the Summit at another place in North America during the summer
or early fall, unconnected to OSCON or IETF. Do you guys want to come to
Denver, perhaps? ;-)


Peter Saint-Andre

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