[Summit] train from Central Station to Diegem

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Feb 3 11:50:36 CST 2011

If you are staying at Le Meridien or somewhere else close by, the way to
get to the Cisco location for the Friday and Monday meetings is to take
the train from Central Station to Diegem, then take a short walk (~5
minutes?) to the office. This afternoon I took the train from Diegem to
Central Station and it was quite straightforward.

People who live in Belgium can correct me if I'm wrong, but the train
from Central Station that stops in Diegem appears to be the local train
("stoptrein") from Brussels to Leuven (Diegem is just one stop along the
way). For example, the following morning trains seem of interest:

Depart Central Station		Arrive Diegem
08:16				08:31
08:22				08:38
08:43				08:59
08:55				09:10
09:22				09:38

You can search for trains here:


Once you arrive at the Diegem station, go down the stairs and turn
right. Cross the street toward the NH Hotel and take a left on the
sidewalk past the hotel and up the hill. Once you are past the hotel,
take a right (don't continue to walk straight, i.e., parallel to the
tracks) and continue to walk up the hill to the "T" intersection. Then
turn right again to the building labeled "Cisco" at "De Kleetlaan 6A"
(this is "Pegasus 1" -- Cisco also uses "Pegasus 2" and "Pegasus 3" but
our meeting is in "Pegasus 1").

If you have registered for the conference, there will be a visitor badge
waiting for you at the reception desk in Pegasus 1. The meetings will be
held in three connected meeting rooms behind the reception desk. I
scoped out the rooms today and when we put them all together the space
will be fairly long and narrow (sorry!), so we'll have to see how it
works for us. On the plus side, the Internet access should be a lot
better than in years past. ;-)

If you have any questions, please post to the list.


Peter Saint-Andre

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