[Summit] Devroom Speaker Schedule

bear bear42 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 11:57:37 CST 2011

This is the schedule for the FOSDEM Devroom speakers.

Please let me know if the time given does not work for someone as soon
as possible!

1300  Remko Tronçon - The Extraordinary, Magical Powers and
Possibilities of XMPP
1330  Dann Martens - Building a fantastic Rube Goldberg device with Jabber-RPC!
1400  Dave Cridland - XMPP and security
1430  TechCouncil -  Stump the XMPP Experts! Open Q&A
1500  Xavier Dutoit - chat with with your contact database: CiviCRM &
XMPP as your personal assistant
1530  Emil Ivov - XMPP Conf Calls: One Way or Another
1600  Diana Cionoiu - Yate Client
1630  Kevin Smith - XMPP - Cloud 2.0. Maybe Later.
1700  Simon Tennant - Federated social networking
1730  Lighting Talks and/or XSF Team Meetings?


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