[Summit] Talk proposal - xmpp 101 for pythonsiasts

Winfried Tilanus winfried at tilanus.com
Wed Dec 12 09:46:32 UTC 2012


I can do a talk on using XMPP in python:

- - Name of the presenter(s)

Winfried Tilanus

- - Short bios for the presenter(s)

Winfried is the maintainer of HelpIM, an open source application for
mental healthcare by chat. HelpIM is written in Python and using XMPP.

- - Session name

XMPP 101 for Pythonsiasts

- - Session summary
New to XMPP but not new to Python? In this talk I will give you a crash
course on XMPP:
- what is XMPP?
- what can you do with it?
- what does the protocol look like?
- what Python libraries are there and what do they look like?
- how integrate XMPP with your python webapp?
Each of these question could be a talk on its own, but I will take a big
leap through them to get you kick-started in .. minutes.

- - Session duration
30 to 60 minutes, plz if I can get a bit more then 30 minutes, I don't
have to talk so fast. ;-)


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