[Summit] FOSDEM talk proposal: Visualized XMPP tools

Nobuo Ogashiwa ogashiwa at c.kyoai.ac.jp
Sun Dec 30 06:37:59 UTC 2012

Hello all,

We would like to have a talk about Visualized XMPP tools we are
developing for research use.

- - Name of the presenter(s):
 Kosuke Watanabe, Akari Harada, Nobuo Ogashiwa

- - Short bios for the presenter(s):
 Dr. Nobuo Ogashiwa is an Associate Professor in the Maebashi Kyoai
Gakuen College.
 Kosuke Watanabe and Akari Harada are students of Dr. Ogashiwa's laboratory.
 They are working on research projects which are using XMPP technologies.

- - Session name:
 Visualized XMPP tools

- - Session type:
 lightning talk

- - Session abstract
 We will introduce example implementation of visualized XMPP tools we
are developing.
 The tools are:
 o 3D visualized XMPP client
 o 3D visualization tools for s2s connections
 If anyone will be interested in our projects, it would be glad to
discuss about those topics
 after the session.
 Example movies are available at http://nlab.jp/xmpp .
 Our ideas have been awarded at a japanese research consosium.
 ( http://www.wide.ad.jp/news/press/20121206-bestposteraward-e.html )

- - Time requested:
 5 minutes lightning talks will be enough.

- - URLs for related projects

Best regards,
Nobuo Ogashiwa

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