[Summit] currentstateofi18nsupport

Kevin Smith kevin at kismith.co.uk
Fri Feb 3 12:42:12 UTC 2012

So, we can hack /etc/hosts	xn--48j2ap4g.xn--r8jau4b8b4fa8gr9cba.net
to work around the DNS issue.

Both Lance and I have tried connecting with a fully Japanese setup
(user and domain parts of the JID, together with password), and it
looks like the server's SASL exchange is failing (I've decoded the
exchange, and it *looks* right to me).

For reference, the account is さみっと.えっくすえむぴーぴー@さみっと.えっくすえむぴーぴー.net with
password さみっと.えっくすえむぴーぴー .


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