[Summit] Friday notes

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Sat Feb 4 06:32:37 UTC 2012

Here are some very rough notes from Friday (they look better at
http://piratepad.net/xsf but I don't have time to clean up the spacing):

XMPP Summit 11
Brussels, Belgium

    Dave's PubSub Inbox (Keeping PEP-style semantics but allowing
offline support)

* Making MUC less unreliable
* XEP-0310 / XEP-0311
Fritzy's fetching of stuff
* MAMish?

    SleekXMPP bug (what is the SleekXMPP bug? Isode M-Link on localhost
starttls failure (What or who are any of us?))



    File Transfer

Direction of Mobile Use Etc.
  - messages are available, not delivered
  - Twitter, microblogging, etc.
  - expanded offline capabilities
Jingle and WebRTC
 - WebRTC says "bring your own signalling"
 - How to use Jingle in WebRTC
Topics/themes from personal introductions
- internationalization
- SASL and SASLprep
- Event visualization
- Muji / multi-user Jingle
- Components
- Pubsub inbox
- XMPP and the web
- WebSocket
- Jingle media, audio, video, screensharing, multicast/xmpp/muc (muji)
- WebRTC
- XMPP in the browser
- KRTConf
- Message Archiving Management
- Real time objects in Redis
- Jingle signalling in WebRTC
- Reliability
- Low bandwidth
- Internationalization
- PubSub
- Data, more than chat
- Scalability
- Security
- Reliability
- Servers
- Deployment
- PubSub
- Offline handling
- Low bandwidth
- Security
- Digital signatures
- Processing that happens at security boundaries
- XMPP and the browser
- Message reliability
- Clients
- PubSub
- End to end encryption
- Archiving
- MUC reconnect
- Smart grid
- OAuth
- IPv6 S2S
- Lua/Prosody
- Security
- Modeling of trust
- XMPP over WebSocket
- Client disconnection
Internationalization Talk (Nobu and Hiro)
see https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-saintandre-xmpp-6122bis/
testing of Japanese domain names represented in punycode
Q: did they test with Unicode domain names (non-ASCII)?
さみっと.えっくすえむぴーぴー.net for testing (create accounts with IBR)
Adam Brault, Keeping it Realtime Conference
krtconf.com in November, ~145 people
intent was to bring people together from different technologies and
solving the same kinds of problems
interest in holding conference in Europe
possible to co-locate with nodeconf in the future
Are these presentations or videos available somewhere?
Kevin Smith, Making MUC More Reliable
http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0310.html +
Dave Cridland, PEP Inbox
working on XMPP-aware browser
method for putting subscriptions on hold?
(sent from inbox to feed source)
subscription manager that lives at my bare JID
when I log in, my server fetches the latest items for those topics
what can we learn from IMAP here?
Matthew Wild, archiving++ ("Message Archive Management")
XEP-0136 got Zoofied
been working on archiving
part of XEP-0136 has been implemented in Gajim
common use case is synchronizing history between clients
server archives by default
trying to make it as simple as possible
per-message IDs (timestamps not precise enough)
Waqas: archive and offline message store are the same thing?
expose an archive for the MUC room?
buddycloud-style "inbox"
possible substitute for message carbons
Client disconnection / message delivery
Q: if using XEP-0198 and XEP-0184, is there still a gap that needs
further work?
some people will try to do some experimentation this weekend and report
back on Monday
can be challenges depending on port used, TCP vs. BOSH, etc.
fallback across ports?
xmpp over websocket with XEP-0198 gives everything BOSH had


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