[Summit] Brussels discussion topics

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Jan 9 20:16:57 UTC 2012

What technical topics would folks like to discuss at the XMPP Summit
next month? Here are some possibilities:

* internationalization (rfc6122bis)
* end-to-end encryption (rfc3923bis)
* cryptographic hash agility (XEP-0300)
* message carbons (XEP-0280)
* Jingle file transfer (XEP-0234)
* vCard4 (XEP-0292)
* fast reconnect (XEP-0305)
* message forwarding (XEP-0297)
* real-time text (XEP-0301)
* distributed chatrooms

I've added those here:


Feel free to bring up other topics here or on the wiki so that we can
formulate an agenda. Lightning-style or longer talks are also welcome on
Friday February 3rd or Monday February 6th. And we are still looking to
fill out the devroom schedule on Saturday at FOSDEM:



Peter Saint-Andre

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