[Summit] proposing a talk about 'useraddress ownership'

Michiel de Jong michiel at unhosted.org
Thu Jan 12 09:08:14 UTC 2012


I will be at fosdem representing the Unhosted project, and would like to
contribute to the xmpp dev room. Here's a talk i thought could be
interesting. I hope this is the right place to submit it. It's not specific
to xmpp, but definitely relevant i think for the future of the federated
social web:

User address ownership
The federated social web needs to be a tool-agnostic web. A user should be
able to interact with other users, regardless of whether the other user is
using xmpp-based tools, or OStatus-based tools, even SMTP, and maybe even
SMS. But there is one central corner stone of socializing: user addresses.
These can be email addresses, jabber id's, or webfinger account URIs.
In this talk I'll discuss some of the challenges of enabling people to own
their user address. In particular, I will discuss our experiences in both
the LibreDocs project and the Opentabs project, about why Webfinger is so
important, why BrowserId is so important, and how to combine the two.

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