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Peter Waher Peter.Waher at clayster.com
Fri Jan 13 10:44:00 UTC 2012


If there's a slot available, we'd like to hold a presentation of ourselves and the work we do together with companies like Cisco Germany in the field of sensor networking and IoT (Internet of Things), as well as a presentation of what we have done and our aims/goals in the field of XMPP, as related to:

1)      Sensor networks

2)      Distributed social networks

3)      As a mechanism of extending the semantic web onto social networks (and not only HTTP-based semantic resources), i.e. extending SPARQL to handle semantic resources in P2P networks.

We would mainly like to do this demonstration/presentation to let ourselves be known to peers interested in these fields (since we're new members of the XSF), and in order to find people interested in similar topics and form groups working on proposing standards within these fields, in order to make commercial (or non-commercial) products interoperable (and thus more successful and lasting). We're actively working (together with partners) on XMPP-based commercial products within the fields of IoT, IP-TV, Utilities and Industry sectors, and would welcome input and new friends within these or similar sectors.

Anybody wanting to contact me directly, without passing through this mailing list, can mail me at peter.waher at clayster.com<mailto:peter.waher at clayster.com>

Peter Waher

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Yesterday I was accepted as a member of the XSF (thank you), and I learnt about the upcoming XMPP Summit in Belgium in the beginning of Fabruary.

Is it possible to also be able to hold a presentation/demo? I'd like to have a short presentation about what we do (among other things a system for home/building automation running on a Plug computer, communicating with PLCs over XMPP, among other things). I'd also like to talk about future projects, such as our work with IP-TV and HGI, distributed social networks and our effort into the semantic web.

Also, is there more information available regarding location, accomodation, etc?

Peter Waher
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