[Summit] Demonstration slot @ XMPP Summit 11

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Fri Jan 13 18:07:46 UTC 2012

On 1/13/12 9:45 AM, Dave Cridland wrote:
> On Fri Jan 13 10:44:00 2012, Peter Waher wrote:
>> If there's a slot available, we'd like to hold a presentation of
>> ourselves and the work we do together with companies like Cisco
>> Germany in the field of sensor networking and IoT (Internet of
>> Things), as well as a presentation of what we have done and our
>> aims/goals in the field of XMPP, as related to:
> Before I begin, I may have completely misunderstood, and if your output
> is all open-source then most of this won't apply to you.
> My only concern with demos is that we are at FOSDEM, and as such the
> demos need to concentrate on the technical use of XMPP rather than the
> companies using it, and really involve open-source as much as possible.
> I'm pretty sure that the FOSDEM organizers understand that XMPP is not
> exclusively open-source, but we need to ensure that the balance is very
> much skewed that way, and we need to ensure that we're being very
> technically focussed.
> I do sympathize - I'd really love to discuss all the funky stuff that
> Isode is doing in the XMPP space - at least, the things I can talk about
> - but the nature of FOSDEM is hugely limiting for projects and companies
> that are not (very) open-source - this is no fault of FOSDEM, it's
> simply that FOSDEM is for Free/Open-Source software, and we need to
> respect that and keep aligned with it as much as is feasable.
> So I (with my Isode hat on), like you, will be looking to figure out a
> demo which downplays the closed-source bits, and concentrates on the
> open-standards and/or open-source parts of what we do. (My talk has
> nothing at all to do with Isode, in fact).
> Given that the Interop day (on Friday) seems to be going slow, we could
> have some less constrained talks about what attendees are doing, if
> there's interest (in listening as well as talking, of course).

Yeah, I'd like to demo things like Cisco Videoscape [1] [2] but that
might not be appropriate. A Friday talk might be cool. BTW do we have a
lightning talk section on Saturday?



[2] http://newsroom.cisco.com/press-release-content?articleId=632470

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