[Summit] Devroom Talk Proposal: "Realtime Communication & Collaboration in Widget-based Personal Learning Environments" (Dominik Renzel)

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Fri Jan 13 20:54:43 UTC 2012

That sounds interesting. Is 30 minutes OK? The schedule is starting to
fill up. :)

On 1/13/12 9:48 AM, Dominik Renzel wrote:
> Dear all,
> my name is Dominik Renzel, and I am working as researcher at the
> Chair of Databases & Information Systems at RWTH Aachen University in
> Germany (http://dbis.rwth-aachen.de
> <http://dbis.rwth-aachen.de/cms>). I was greatly inspired by the
> devroom talks of last year and would like to actively contribute to
> the discussion this year. My current work is focussed on bringing
> multiple forms of real-time communication and collaboration into the
> world of browser-based personal learning environments in the context
> of the EU-funded large scale integrating project ROLE (Responsive
> Open Learning Environments; http://www.role-project.eu/). Recently,
> we received great interest for our work regarding interwidget
> communication over XMPP from the incubating Apache Rave
> (http://incubator.apache.org/rave/) project, and perhaps our results
> could also be interesting for an XMPP audience.
> Please find an abstract of a possible talk below. I would greatly
> appreciate to become part of the devroom, this time as a presenter.
> Best regards,
> Dominik
> (Contact details are available from my staff page
> http://dbis.rwth-aachen.de/cms/staff/renzel)
> ---
> Title: Realtime Communication & Collaboration in Widget-based
> Personal Learning Environments
> Abstract: In the domain of Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) a
> current research focus is on widget-based personal learning
> environments (PLE). Learners mash-up their favorite Web widgets to
> complete learning applications running in regular Web browsers.
> Furthermore, learners socialize, communicate or even collaborate with
> their peers using real-time technologies. In the context of the
> EU-financed large-scale Open Source project ROLE (Responsive Open
> Learning Environments; http://role-project.eu;
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/role-project/), we employ XMPP in
> combination with recent Web technologies (e.g. XMPP over WebSocket)
> on a wide basis to realize communication and collaboration use cases
> within such browser-based PLE. Beneath the usage of regular features
> such as roster lists, online presence, IM and MUC we devel oped a
> framework for Interwidget Communication (IWC) based on HTML5 Web
> Messaging (local) and XMPP PubSub (remote) and using a payload format
> inspired by Google Android Intents. This framework can optionally be
> enhanced with trust-awareness features. In this talk we present the
> results of our work with a focus on remote interwidget communication
> and report on our experiences with XMPP over BOSH/WebSocket.

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