[Summit] The XEP-0301 Real-time text presentation proposal

Gunnar Hellström gunnar.hellstrom at omnitor.se
Sun Jan 15 00:13:53 UTC 2012

Here is the XEP-0301 presentation proposal with a little more words than 

I suggest that it is placed where it fits best. FOSDEM, Devroom, summit 

*Keep more in touch by Real-time text in XMPP through XEP-0301

The presentation describes the functionality of real-time text added to 
the XMPP environment by draft extension XEP-0301.

By application to both sending and receiving XMPP clients, a more fluent 
conversation by text is achieved, where text is displayed at the far end 
at the rate it is typed by the transmitting party.

The extension can be seamlessly applied, so that if it is not supported 
by both ends, the functionality is as plain message based XMPP. 
Therefore introduction can be made gradually.

In order to not overload servers and networks, the trasmission itervals 
can be kept long, and instead the real-time impression get recreated by 
a feature called "Natural Typing".

Opportunities for interoperability with real-time text in other 
environments will be explained, and indicatios given for easy 
integration in other XMPP implementations.

Demonstrations will be made of the RealJabber client, implementing the 
draft as a open source project, managed by the author of the XEP-0301 
draft, Mark Rejhon.

It is with the experience, need and interest from people with 
communications related disabilities that this extension is developed, 
but it has apparent benefits for all.

The presentation is made by Peter Johansson, Omnitor, Sweden.   
peter.johansson at omnitor.se

( 20-30  minutes would be suitable. )


Gunnar Hellström Omnitor gunnar.hellstrom at omnitor.se +46708204288
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