[Summit] The XEP-0301 Real-time text presentation proposal

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Sun Jan 15 03:28:22 UTC 2012

Tentatively scheduled for 16:30 - 17:00 Saturday in the devroom.

On 1/14/12 5:13 PM, Gunnar Hellström wrote:
> Here is the XEP-0301 presentation proposal with a little more words than
> before.
> I suggest that it is placed where it fits best. FOSDEM, Devroom, summit
> ....
> Title:
> *Keep more in touch by Real-time text in XMPP through XEP-0301
> *----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The presentation describes the functionality of real-time text added to
> the XMPP environment by draft extension XEP-0301.
> By application to both sending and receiving XMPP clients, a more fluent
> conversation by text is achieved, where text is displayed at the far end
> at the rate it is typed by the transmitting party. 
> The extension can be seamlessly applied, so that if it is not supported
> by both ends, the functionality is as plain message based XMPP.
> Therefore introduction can be made gradually.
> In order to not overload servers and networks, the trasmission itervals
> can be kept long, and instead the real-time impression get recreated by
> a feature called "Natural Typing".
> Opportunities for interoperability with real-time text in other
> environments will be explained, and indicatios given for easy
> integration in other XMPP implementations.
> Demonstrations will be made of the RealJabber client, implementing the
> draft as a open source project, managed by the author of the XEP-0301
> draft, Mark Rejhon.
> It is with the experience, need and interest from people with
> communications related disabilities that this extension is developed,
> but it has apparent benefits for all.
> The presentation is made by Peter Johansson, Omnitor, Sweden.  
> peter.johansson at omnitor.se
> ( 20-30  minutes would be suitable. )
> Regards
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