[Summit] I'd like to discuss about "Another MUJI" in next summit #11

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Sun Jan 15 03:36:20 UTC 2012

Tentatively scheduled for 16:00 - 16:30 Saturday in the devroom.

On 1/12/12 11:36 PM, HIro Suzuki wrote:
>  Hello XMPP Communities.
>  This is my 1st post to XMPP ML.  I'm very interested in realtime
> services by using XMPP Protocol Suits, and I'd like to discuss my some
> ideas with you.
>  Some years ago, there was a very experimental "MUJI" specification
> (xep-0272) as one of XEP series.  After reading this specification,
> and some related specifications (for example, Jingle (xep-0166) , MUC
> (xep-0045) and so on), I found a kind of solution to realize "Multi
> User Jingle".  Just to make clarify to talk about my solusion, I
> will call my "MUJI" concept "Another MUJI".
>  Now I have reserved air tickets and hotel. (Thank you, I booked Aloft
> Hotel.) If you give me a time slot in next XMPP Summit, I'd like to
> talk about "Another MUJI" and discuss with you.
> -----
> Abstract of "Another MUJI"
>  In "Another MUJI", I use a MUC server component as a control center
> to manage users who are discussing in rich media chat room, in other
> words I use MUC protocol as a signaling protocol to manage chat room
> users.  And I introduce a media switch to exchange rich media data
> path (video, audio, and so on) in chat room.  This media switch is
> configured to make "star topology" to set up each user's jingle data
> path between each user device and media switch.  This Jingle paths
> forms a sort of data plain.
> ---
>  In "Jingle" specification, a data path is set up between one user
> device and another user device, but in "Another MUJI", Jingle data
> paths are not set up between user devices directly (If Jingle data
> paths are set up between user devices directly, this forms "mesh"
> topology".  As you know, with a increase of numbers of user, it is
> more difficult to set up mesh data path, or to maintain Jingle paths
> in geometrical growth)
> ---
>  In order to set up rich media chat room, I think these procedures
> as follows are neccesary. 
> 1. Owner/Moderator creates and configurates a chat room.
> 2. Moderator joins the chat room by using MUC procudures, and
> Moderator's client module as a "Jingle Initiator" requests to set up
> "Jingle Session" to a media switch. (In "Another MUJI", the media
> switch is cooperated with MUC server component.) When this 1st media
> path is set up, the media swich/MUC server component knows rich media
> parameters.
> 3. Participant joins the chat room by using MUC procedures, and the
> media switch as a "Jingle Initiator" requests to set up "Jingle
> Session" to participant's client module. When this "Jingle Session" is
> set up, the media swith will connect betwwen a moderator's path and a
> participants's path.
> 4. One more participant joins the chat room, "Another Muji" system
> repeats above procedure 3 again.  And increase of numbers of
> participants froms "star topology" (The cnter of "star" is the media
> switch/MUC server component, the edges of star are client's devices.)
> -----
>  Just for information, I attached one picture of "Overview of 'Another
> MUJI'" in this mail.  And now, I started to prepare presentation
> materials. So it's my pleasure, if you give me a chance to discuss with
> you.
> Best regards,
> Yoshihiro Suzuki
> (hiro.suzuki at d3comunications.jp <mailto:hiro.suzuki at d3comunications.jp>)
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Peter Saint-Andre

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