[Summit] [FOSDEM 2012] How is organised the stand ?

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Mon Jan 16 10:28:49 UTC 2012

Le Samedi 14 Janvier 2012 20:42:23 vous avez écrit :
> Tenatively scheduled for 18:30 - 18:45 Satuday in the devroom.

Great, thanks :)
Just two remarks:
"Goffi" is actually my nickname, my real name is "Jérôme Poisson"

I expect to do a talk about the architecture of "Salut à toi", wich is quite 
uncommon (one backend, several frontends), and its possible use, not a general 
talk about python development, so I think the title "Python Architectures in 
Client Development" is not well fitted.

In "Journée Du Logiciel Libre" in Lyon, the talk was named "Salut à Toi: 
communication Libre, fédérée et décentralisée" which means "Salut à Toi: libre 
(free), federated an decentralised communication", IMHO we can use the same 

Other possibilities: "Salut à Toi: a multi-frontends, multi-purpose XMPP 
client" or "Salut à Toi: development of a multi-frontends python XMPP client"


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