[Summit] tentative devroom schedule

Winfried Tilanus winfried at tilanus.com
Mon Jan 16 10:40:21 UTC 2012

On 01/15/2012 04:48 AM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:


> I'd appreciate a review by the team here before we send this to the
> FOSDEM folks.

It might be good to cluster topics, makes it much easier for people
interested in certain topics to cherry-pick talks. I would think about
sth like this:

* XMPP based webapplications
Winfried Tilanus  - HelpIM - Building a Webchat? DON'T DO WHAT I DID!
Dave Cridland  - Plastique
Dominik Renzel  - Interwidget Communication with XMPP and Apache Rave
Dodo  - See You on the Other Side: Building on XMPP and the web

* XMPP based social networking
Simon Tennant  - buddycloud: Open Social Networking
Michiel de Jong  - User Address Ownership in the Federated Social Web

* Jingle
Emil Ivov  - Jingle, Firewall Traversal, and You
Hiro Suzuki  - Multi-User Jingle

* Great ways to deploy XMPP
Stefan de Konink  - PubSub in the Dutch Railways API
Hiro Suzuki  - Event Visualization with XMPP in Emergency Call Systems

* XMPP protocol
Hirotaka Sato  - State of Internationalization Support in XMPP Servers
Gunnar Hellstrom  - Real-Time Text in XMPP
Peter Saint-Andre  - XMPP Service Directories

* XMPP & Programming languages
Goffi  - Python Architectures in Client Development
Florian Zeitz and Jonathan Schleifer  - XMPP Development in Objective-C



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