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Le Dimanche 15 Janvier 2012 12:38:34 Peter Saint-Andre a écrit :

 > - Personal Name *and* Family Name ("goffi" and "dodo" are not enough!)

Jérôme Poisson

 > - Short Bio (what software projects you've worked on, etc.)

Developer and traveller, I have worked on many more or less small 
projects (Saitek P2500 kernel driver, lm, mkvconvert, gcp, etc), but 
"Salut à Toi" is definitely my most important project.

Politically engaged, I'm mainly developing the "Salut à Toi" project to 
have a libre, decentralised and privacy-friendly way to communicate.

I'm currently working at Substantiel in Paris, a society developing 
"Ordissimo", an easy to use computer based on Debian and EFL.

 > - Talk Title (I've created some of these, please check)

[Please see my other email about this]

Salut à Toi: a multi-frontend, multi-purpose XMPP client

 > - Talk Abstract (one line only)

Architecture and use cases of Salut à Toi, a XMPP client with multi 
frontends (console ncurses-like, command line interface, desktop, web)

 > - Talk Description (slightly longer description)

This talk aims to briefly present the Salut à Toi project and its goals. 
Salut à Toi is a XMPP client which focus on the whole XMPP stuff, not 
only instant messaging, and where many frontends use a common backend.

The following points will be covered:

- global overview of the project

- why a multi-frontends client ?

- the architecture/technologies used

- quick presentation of some features

- XMPP as a replacement of traditional e-mail network

 > - Image (128x128, preferrably PNG)

image attached (it's the CC By-Sa Logo).

 > - Link (blog, website, etc.)

blog: http://www.goffi.org (mainly french, sometimes english)
website: http://wiki.goffi.org/wiki/Sat (french + english)

 > Many thanks for your help with this -- if you don't provide the
 > information, we need to create it for you and that takes time!

Many thanks for the organisation :)

 > Peter

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