[Summit] devroom speakers take note!!!

Winfried Tilanus winfried at tilanus.com
Tue Jan 17 18:49:42 UTC 2012

On 01/15/2012 08:38 PM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:


I was too fast ;-)

> - Personal Name *and* Family Name ("goffi" and "dodo" are not enough!)

Winfried Tilanus

> - Short Bio (what software projects you've worked on, etc.)

Winfried is maintainer of the HelpIM project and independent consultant
on online psycho-social counseling. He is also co-maintaining the BOSH
extensions of XMPP. Before that he has done a wide range of jobs in the
computer industry. His academic background is very broad: physics,
philosophy, counseling and organizational behavior. Most of his
programming is done in Python.

> - Talk Title (I've created some of these, please check)

HelpIM - Building a Webchat? DON'T DO WHAT I DID!

> - Talk Abstract (one line only)

With XMPP you can build a webchat in a breeze, so nothing can go wrong,

> - Talk Description (slightly longer description)

The HelpIM chat software is about 10 years old now. We have rewritten it
three times and with each rewrite we managed to make some major
screw-ups. Recurring issues are: "how to reliably deliver the chat over
the web", "how to route the messages within the server" and "how to
authenticate over both HTTP and XMPP". With this talk I will save you
from making the same screw-ups as we did.

> - Image (128x128, preferrably PNG)


> - Link (blog, website, etc.)




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