[Summit] Real Time Lounge

Adam Brault adam at andyet.net
Thu Jan 19 06:43:22 UTC 2012

Presuming we can get approval from the client and it would be an 
appropriate project to demo, our &yet team would be interested in 
showing RECON Dynamics' realtime asset-tracking web app, which is XMPP 
backend and frontend. (recondynamics.com)

We could also demo the XMPP interface Mr. Lance Stout has been working 
on for andbang.com.
> Dirk Duckhorn <mailto:dirk at buddycloud.com>
> January 18, 2012 12:54 PM
> We from buddycloud will be at FOSDEM and want to demo buddycloud in 
> the lounge.
> Also on sunday we want to hold an install-a-thon, so everybody gets 
> help and guidance as required to run their own buddycloud instance on 
> their servers.
> Since we plan on having at least one person in the lounge for demoing 
> purposes I think you could put us on the list of those, that are 
> available at the lounge to help you out
> Dirk
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