[Summit] XMPP service discovery in the webinos project

Klos, V.B. (Victor) victor.klos at tno.nl
Thu Jan 19 08:15:29 UTC 2012


here goes:

Name: Victor Klos

Bio: Victor is interested in ICT that matters. His broad interests range from serious gaming (http://www.triangler.nl/) via security and messaging to video and video delivery. As a R&D guy he is currently involved in the webinos project (http://webinos.org/).

Title: webinos, tying web technology to everything

Speaker: Victor Klos

Abstract: The webinos project (http://webinos.org/) aims to deliver an open source open standards based platform for secure and privacy aware interaction between users and services. Developers program in JavaScript and get access to both local and remote services. Under the hood, the webinos runtime uses XMPP to do service discovery. This talk highlights some unique features of webinos and investigates the role of XMPP.


Link: http://webinos.org/


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On 1/16/12 3:23 AM, Klos, V.B. (Victor) wrote:
> hi all,
> this talk proposal has not made it to the list at
> http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2012#Give_a_Devroom_Talk. Has it
> slipped through


> or is it not interesting enough? I will assume the first, and continue
> with the abstract below :-)

Please provide all the information requested here:


> BTW I am willing to help out in the real time lounge as well, could
> present this demo there as I notice the day is somewhat filled
> already.

Great! It is important that we have people at the Real Time Lounge on Saturday instead of all hanging out in the devroom and leaving a few lonely volunteers to man the lounge. :)


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