[Summit] multi-user Jingle Re: devroom speakers take note!!!

HIro Suzuki hiro at rsi-project.jp
Sun Jan 22 08:25:07 UTC 2012

Hello Peter and xmpp comuunities,

Thank you for your kindness.

 I'm a new comer, and first of all, I'd like to know my ideas are meaningful
or not in current xmpp communities, and I'd like to discuss about near
future's realtime service architecture by using XMPP protocol suits.

 So, it's no problem to move my "MUJI" talk slot to Monday, and then after I
heard Emil's Devroom talk on 4th Feb. (Saturday), I'll take a enough time to
think about his system.  Now, I'm preparing to make clarify my goal of design
in my presentation, and at first I'll talk about my motivation in my talk.

 In fact, My ideas about "MUJI" and "Event Visualization" was formed from one
motivation or based on one conceptual architecture, so if the schedule of
"Devroom talk" is very tight, it's no problem to move my both time slots to

Best Regards,

On 2012/01/21, at 8:54, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> Hiro, I think this talk is better for Friday or Monday, not the devroom
> on Saturday. I'm not going to schedule it for Saturday, but I hope you
> will at the Summit on Friday or Monday to present your ideas! Let's also
> make sure that Emil Ivov is there, or you can chat with him sometime
> over the weekend.
> Thanks!
> On 1/18/12 7:59 PM, HIro Suzuki wrote:
>> Hello Peter,
>> My infromations and session informations of temtative session name
>> "Multi User Jingle" are as follows.
>> ---
>> * Hiro Suzuki's Information
>> - Personal Name *and* Family Name ("goffi" and "dodo" are not enough!)
>> Name: Yoshihiro
>> Family Name: Suzuki
>> - Short Bio (what software projects you've worked on, etc.)
>> Last year, Yoshihiro Suzuki started his own business (D3
>> Communications) which currently provides realtime service
>> architechture planning and design. And he also founded and leads RSi
>> Project (Realtime Service Initiative Project) in Japan which is
>> reseach / develop / deploy project for realtime services based on XMPP
>> protocol suits. In last decade, his research topic are access network
>> architectures and services in FTTH and 4G mobile network at Panasonic.
>> - Image (128x128, preferrably PNG)
>> (attached file: "Hiro Suzuki.png" )
>> - Link (blog, website, etc.)
>> None
>> * Session Information
>> - Talk Title (I've created some of these, please check)
>> Multi User Jingle
>> - Talk Abstract (one line only)
>> I will propose my Multi User Jingle concept and procedure.
>> - Talk Description (slightly longer description)
>> In order to realize Multi User Jingle, I introduce MUC protocol for
>> user management signaling and a media switch to exchange user's medeia
>> paths. In this concept, user's signaling paths and media data paths
>> forms star topology.
>> ---
>> Best Regards.
>> Hiro Suzuki
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