[Summit] interop testing at Summit 15?

Yusuke DOI yusuke.doi at toshiba.co.jp
Mon Dec 16 05:14:51 UTC 2013

Peter, all,

We're trying to make our first version of EXI-ready XMPP code before the summit. Currently no TLS, no SASL, no encryption, no compression (dedicated EXI), not yet tested well but I hope it could be fun for you.

I'm not sure it could be interoperable with code of Joachim's group...

BTW, can I have logistics info before holliday week? I think it's better to book the trip soon...



p.s. to be honest, not yet running :( My holliday hackathon will be on it.

(2013-12-04 03:10), Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
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> At Summit 15 in Brussels, I think it would be great to focus at least
> one day on interop testing, especially related to security (TLS with
> PKIX, dialback, POSH, and DANE/DNSSEC sounds like a good place to
> start, and perhaps also key pinning and certificate transparency).
> Enough talk, let's test and code. :-)
> Peter
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> Peter Saint-Andre
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