[Summit] FOSDEM logistics

Emil Ivov emcho at jitsi.org
Mon Jan 21 06:12:45 UTC 2013

Hey all,

Just had a chat with Bear about this and he asked me to move the
discussion here so that everyone interested can follow:

It appears that FOSDEM is running low on space this year (I believe they
lost the AW building) so it seems that we will be sharing the area where
the real-time lounge was last year. I suppose we'll be a tiny bit tight
but, given the circumstances, there's no one else we would have
preferred to be tight with ;).

We were hence wondering if we needed to pre-arrange any of the
logistics. Basically we would be fine with our two tables and their
default config but if you guys are planning on re-spinning the lounge
then we'd be happy to push things around a bit so that everyone's happy.

Any thoughts?



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