[Summit] A/V equipment

Ashley Ward ashley.ward at surevine.com
Sun Jan 27 09:45:44 UTC 2013

I have a JVC HD home camcorder which writes onto SD cards which I could
bring. I don't think it can be used as a webcam though, so probably not
much use for live streaming. I think I have a cheap tripod hang in around
somewhere too.

I'm going to be driving up so can bring other stuff too if it's any use (I
have a projector and monitors that I could bring).


On 25/01/2013 22:24, "Peter Saint-Andre" <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:

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>On 1/16/13 4:38 PM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> Will anyone coming to the Summit / FOSDEM be able to bring some
>> basic A/V equipment so that we can do a better job of streaming /
>> recording the audio and video for both the Summit and the devroom?
>> I'd be happy to buy additional equipment if needed, but if folks
>> already have a simple mic and video camera then that would be
>> great.
>I'm looking into a videocam now. I have a mic at home that might work,
>too (although perhaps better for the devroom than the Summit, where
>we'll have multiple small breakout groups, not just one big group).
>Will investigate over the weekend.
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