[Summit] RealtimeConf Europe + XMPP

Adam Brault adam at andyet.net
Wed Jan 30 16:34:01 UTC 2013

Hi all!

Julien Genestoux is running RealtimeConf Europe April 23-24 and it's 
closing in on the end of early bird. He's also still accepting talk 


RealtimeConf was directly preceding the US XSF Summit last fall. Would 
be nice to get a solid XMPP presence (ha!) at RealtimeConf Europe, too.

Might be a good opportunity to continue some of the discussions that 
have emerged around XMPP and the web.

Beyond that, there's a lot that web and mobile devs can gain by having 
the exposure to Real-Life XMPP Developers---and vice versa. :)

Wish you all a great time at the summit and FOSDEM.

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