[Summit] Berlin topics

Philipp Hancke fippo at goodadvice.pages.de
Tue Jul 23 20:19:31 UTC 2013

Am 23.07.2013 22:02, schrieb Peter Saint-Andre:
> Here are some of the topics I've heard people might want to talk about
> (unfortunately I don't think we'll get too much hacking done since
> there's not enough code in common):
> EXI transport binding / XEP-0322 (Yusuke Doi)
> POSH / draft-miller-posh (Matt Miller / Peter Saint-Andre)
> WebRTC & Jingle (Philipp?)

I'm taking the train and only have ~500 pages of drafts to review so... 
yes, otherwise I might get bored!

I'll see if I can get some decent hardware so we can stream this.

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