[Summit] XEP dependency graph

Yusuke DOI yusuke.doi at toshiba.co.jp
Sat Jul 27 20:20:05 UTC 2013

Dear folks,

There was discussion about 'tagging' XEPs today. It's important to add
tags somehow, but I think we don't have where to start for now. To
bootstrap the classification of XEPs, I've wrote a tiny script to
extract dependency and gave it to graphviz.


Because the file is too large (width: 32767px), you'd have better view
with downloading it. It has too many edges and almost impossible to
view, but I think you can find which XEP referenced much.

Here's top 18 list of most referenced XEPs and other documents.:

    256 XMPP Core
     67 XMPP IM
     67 XEP-0030
     27 XEP-0060
     22 XEP-0045
     22 XEP-0004
     21 XEP-0001
     19 XEP-0163
     18 XEP-0166
     13 XEP-0115
      9 XEP-0082
      9 XEP-0054
      8 XEP-0167
      8 XEP-0068
      6 XEP-0138
      6 XEP-0124
      6 XEP-0049
      6 XEP-0016

An idea: Most referred document may have manually-configured tags
(keywords), and the keywords can propagated through dependency graph to
set 'default set of keywords' if the XEP has no manually-set tags.

Hoping it helps.

// Yusuke DOI <yusuke.doi at toshiba.co.jp>

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