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> On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 7:30 PM, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im>
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> > What topics are folks here interested in?
> >
> > Here are some things I'm thinking about:
> >
> > 1. Security -- ubiquitous TLS for the network, stronger cipher suites,
> > no more SSLv2 or SSLv3, etc. -- basically, all the stuff covered in
> > https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-saintandre-xmpp-tls/ (and more)
> > except we need to figure out how to make it a reality.
> >

I should put in a TLS cert on my server, for one thing. I think we have a
good selection of the right people together for a productive discussion on
this one, and I think we can probably both do a lot of work on
-saintandre-xmpp-tls, and possibly knock out a XEP on post-prismatic
security, as well as potentially an xmpp.org blog post.

> > 2. Mobility -- even better support for mobile devices and the new
> > world of multiple devices per person -- this would include things like
> > SIFT (XEP-0273), Carbons (XEP-0280), Message Archive Management
> > (XEP-0313), and Chat Markers (XEP-0333).
> >

I'm happy to talk about that, but I have to say I think we're not lacking
protocol here, but code. I should, though, resurrect XEP-0286 and include
things like Carbons and so on. I'm happy (read: delighted) to work on
updating that in the meeting, which might well be a productive way to
tackle this area.

> > 3. Data exchange -- including more secure file transfer (maybe Matt
> > Miller can tell us what he's working on), Jingle nodes (XEP-0278), and
> > trusted relays leveraging TeleHash (an interesting protocol being
> > developed by Jeremie Miller and some of the other early Jabberites).
> >

If we have the right people present, yes.

I'm not sure what we could deliver from this, though.

> > 4. XMPP and the web -- including those nice web-dev-friendly APIs that
> > people are working on (xmpp-ftw, stanza.io, buddycloud, etc.) as well
> > as WebRTC.
> >

We had a lengthy chat about this last time in Portland. I'm not sure
anything came out of it in terms of protocol, though clearly both
stanza.ioand xmpp-ftw have come on a long way. It'd be nice to catch
up, of course.

> > I can speak to the first three, but I'll leave #4 to others.
> >
> I could give my BOSH security talk, assuming there's interest and time
> available. This is the talk that was planned for FOSDEM 2013, but I
> had visa issues and couldn't make it.
> Summary, etc:

Yes, please.
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