[Summit] Agenda

原田明梨 harada09 at c.kyoai.ac.jp
Tue Jan 14 03:02:28 UTC 2014

Dear Kevin,

Hello, this is Akari Harada.

I’d like to participate to the XMPP Summit 2015.

I don’t have permission to edit the wiki page.
So, I wonder if someone would kindly add me to the participants list.
I already have arranged my hotel room.

Also, I and Yusuke would like to have a short talk on our XMPP-EXI (XEP-0322) activity in
Short Talk Session. We’d like to introduce an EXI(which is Binary XML
format) and benefits(when applying EXI to the XMPP), present short
demonstration and introduce some ideas using it.
Will you please give us 20-30 minutes short presentation, demo, and discussion time?

Title of presentation: Progress report on XEP-0322 and its appications
Presenter: Yusuke Doi and Akari Harada

Best regards,

(2014/01/13 18:36), Kevin Smith wrote:
> Hi folks,
>     I know we've got a couple of discussion items in the wiki. Is there
> anything folks would like to discuss at the summit that's not there?
> We'll sort out the real plan once we're there I'm sure, as we usually
> do, but having a clue in advance what topics are likely to be of
> interest seems advisable.
> /K

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