[Summit] Interoptesting @summit15? WebRTC? Other topics?

Philipp Hancke fippo at goodadvice.pages.de
Mon Jan 27 17:22:52 UTC 2014

Am 27.01.2014 18:00, schrieb Winfried Tilanus:
> (reply-to: summit at xmpp.org)
> Hi,
> I was wondering how many people are into interoptesting at the next
> summit. One main topic mentioned is WebRTC. If there are enough people
> interested in it, it would be better to prepare it a little: it is my
> experience from the summit some years ago that we spend too much time
> setting up the clients and that we had too little time left for the most
> interesting part: debugging the problems and discussing them.

I'd expect developers to regularly test that using
-- speaking of which i haven't done that for too long :-/

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