[Summit] BIND 2.0 and resource binding

Edwin Mons jsf at edwinm.ik.nu
Thu Feb 2 14:39:17 UTC 2017

Hi all,

We discussed resource binding in BIND 2.0 at the summit, and more
specifically, user requested resources.  Arguments for and against
allowing these have been made, and rough consensus has been reached that
we want to have a client-unique long-term identifier in the bound
resource, and add a server generated identifier to it.  The format
suggested is as follows:


Using / as a separator is open for discussion, but seems like a natural

The client-unique-id MUST be a UUID (type 4?).  Using a single defined
ID generation algorithm will ensure the resource can't be used for
client fingerprinting.

Open to debate, either:
* client-unique-id MUST be provided.  If the client wishes not to be
uniquely identified between sessions, it should generate a new one on
every bind; or
* client-unique-id MAY be omitted, in which case the server will
generate a random one.


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