[Summit] Summit and FOSDEM post-mortem

Severino seve at openmailbox.org
Mon Feb 5 21:38:46 UTC 2018

Hello Guus!

I see what you did there :D

I had an awesoooome time, not disappointed at all. I'm really happy to meet you all, and also I'm very thankful for the organization and the sponsorship we had.

This has been my very first Summit but also my first FOSDEM. I would like to share some of my thoughts:

1) I think we should have an official (or not) FOSDEM MUC. A place where us and other people could hang out. An interesting idea would be to place a QR code to promote the MUC. I'm not aware of FOSDEM rules, but if we could print some copies of the FOSDEM's MUC information (QR code) and put them on some walls would be nice. It's not a big deal to remove them afterwards.

2) In order to make people engage with XMPP, we could organize a raffle. The idea would be, make people join the FOSDEM MUC and do a giveaway for participants in it. 
They would sign up using a bot on the MUC itself or just sending a message to a particular JID. 
This would make people get an actual JID if they don't have one already, and let them discover XMPP by using it. If they enjoy the time on the MUC, I'm sure they will keep XMPP in their minds.
For people that don't have an account nor a client, would be interesting to have someone on the Real Time Lounge with a laptop to help people get an account. We could grab a public server list or whatever. Also help them getting a client to participate on the MUC. We could advertise this on the posters from my previous thought 1).
I don't know what the gift could be, if I had an old laptop I would offer it, or maybe collecting some money to buy one. This is just an idea, it can be anything, this could be discussed if people like it.
But in any case the important thing of this is, that it would help us to make some noise at FOSDEM and let people know about XMPP, and how cool it is. Ideally, the giveaway would be done the last day or so, to retain people joined for some time. The only issue on this would be the bad connection one has in the building.

3) An additional idea, would be to make a real time quiz on the FOSDEM MUC. I don't know about what the prizes could be, and I haven't thought about the topic, but it would be cool to just give some little things to winners. This would make people participate actively on the MUC, making them enjoy the time there and inviting some others, probably.

4) We don't have any booklet about what XMPP is! We have the server setup guide, but anything explaining what or why! We should definitely create a booklet aimed to end users, to let them know what, why and how to use XMPP.
Some people don't want to install any server, just chat!
I'm thinking on some kind of diagram to explain federation (in a very quick way, remember we talk about end users), and so on. Non techie, please!

Also, the following one maybe is too humorous but just as an example that there are plenty of things we can do, we could build FOSDEMatch, where people could provide their jid and be matched with a potential partner to find love using XMPP at FOSDEM :D

Even if I'm joking, is just to say that we should try to make sure people attending FOSDEM hears about XMPP.

Well, more stuff can come out I'm sure! Just let me know what do you think about it, we have the whole year to prepare this :)

Best regards,

Severino Ferrer de la Peñita a.k.a Seve/SouL

On 5 February 2018 09:58:35 CET, Guus der Kinderen <guus.der.kinderen at gmail.com> wrote:
>Summit 22 and FOSDEM 2018 are over. I had an awesome time! It was great
>see familiar, but also new faces. I've got to talk to a _lot_ of
>and had a great time at the dinner. I'd like to thoroughly thank
>who had a part in any of it!
>For me, both events were a success, but I've also noticed a couple of
>things that I believe we can improve on. I'd like to hear your thoughts
>that: what do you think we should definitely keep doing? What can we
>improve on? What should we stop doing?
>With your feedback, we'll make these events even more of a success next
>year! I hope to hear from you soon!
>  Guus
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