[Summit] Sharing a room at Thon

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Mon Jan 15 13:02:05 UTC 2018

2018-01-15 13:04 GMT+01:00 JC Brand <lists at opkode.com>:
> I haven't booked any rooms yet, if there aren't any takers, I'll probably book
> something cheaper elsewhere.

In case you are anyone else is interested in finding something
cheaper; I'm staying in the easy hotel Brussels this year which - at
the time I booked it - was 60/night w/o breakfast. Maybe you or
someone else wants to stay there (or in the general area) as well and
we can go for breakfast together or something.
I'm leaving Saturday though.

I haven't stayed there before so I can't exactly speak for the quality
of the hotel though.

In the previous years I always stayed in the 'Theater Hotel' which is
a decent enough hotel but the neighborhood is a bit shady. The rooms
are clean though. I think that was even a bit cheaper than the 60 Euro
/ night I'm paying now.


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