[Summit] Summit Agenda

Jonas Schäfer jonas at wielicki.name
Fri Jan 24 15:23:22 UTC 2020

On Freitag, 24. Januar 2020 15:57:26 CET Dave Cridland wrote:
> Hi All,
> [This is going to standards@ as well as summit@ - please respond on summit@,
> it's only on standards@ to remind people of the other list]
> Since I'm running the Summit itself this year, some notes on what to expect:
> I'm assuming we'll arrive and be ready to start by 10:00.
> * At the start, you'll get some giant post-it notes, in a traditional
> yellow and a fetching green.
> * You'll also get 5 (probably) dots in two different colours.
> * There will be marker pens, too.
> Many of you will guess at what is to come.
> We'll start with introducing ourselves, as is traditional.
> You'll then be asked to write ideas for the agenda - these could be some of
> the ones from the Wiki, or something you've thought of on the spot. You
> also be able to write down a lightning talk (slides optional, ideally 5
> minutes, hard limit at 10 *including questions*).
> Once we've written down some ideas, we'll stick them on a wall (or window,
> or something). Ones that are duplicates (or very close to), we'll stick on
> top of each other. Lightning talks are never deduplicated, of course.
> People can give a two-sentence intro of each item if they want as they
> stick them up.
> I'd expect this to be around 10:45 by the time we finish this phase - then,
> we'll break for coffee for 15 minutes.
> During the coffee break, you'll use your dots to vote for the agenda items
> and lightning talks you're most interested in. You can put all your dots on
> one item, or one on each, but you have to use all your dots (one colour for
> agenda, one for talks).

This sounds fun! Is there a way for us remote participants to be included in 
the voting and proposal phase?

Specifically for Thursday, I made sure that I’ll be available most of the day 
(unless the utility company cuts power for longer than anticipated).

kind regards,

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