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If Jabber students or mentors have any questions / concerns, let me
know. I think it might be good to have a groupchat with most of us this
week. Maybe Wednesday or Thursday -- tomorrow I am all booked up.

Does anyone have times that would *not* work?


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Subject: More Information on Mid-Term Evaluations
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Hello everyone,

If you're an admin/mentor without student projects assigned to you, you
can stop reading now.

We'll be deploying the mentor mid-term surveys in the SoC web app on
June 26, 2006.  You'll see a list your pending evaluation(s) on
/mentor_home.html appear then; following the links from
/mentor_home.html will take you the survey page, which will consist of
multiple choice or yes/no questions and some free text areas for
additional comments. Depending on how detailed you'd like to make your
comments, estimated time to complete the survey is ~15 minutes.

To be clear, your student does not need to be "half-way" done in order
to receive a positive evaluation from you.  The criteria for judgement
at this stage is whether or not you feel that s/he has made sufficient
progress to date on the goals of the project and your confidence in
her/his ability to execute on the project's goals by the end of the
program.  Students who have not made sufficient progress to date will
be dropped from the program and will receive no further payments from

Note that not completing the mid-term survey is the equivalent of
stating that you do not think your student has made sufficient progress
on the project.  Please ensure that you complete the surveys promptly.


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