[GSoC] Coding begins soon

Zhenchao Li cockneykevin at gmail.com
Mon May 24 00:10:13 CDT 2010

   I cannot join the room("room does not exist"). Could you confirm
gsoc at muc.xmpp.org is the right address?

On 23 May 2010 21:33, Kevin Smith <kevin at kismith.co.uk> wrote:

> On Sat, May 22, 2010 at 5:09 PM, bear <bear42 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Just a reminder to the students and mentors that the coding portion
> > begins Monday!
> > It's been rather quiet on this list and I am optimistically taking
> > that as a sign that everyone is active and busy! ;)
> Yes - it would be good if the students, mentors and admins would idle
> in the gsoc at muc.xmpp.org room, so we're all about if anyone
> wants/needs to chat about something.
> /K

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