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Conversations puts a lot of focus on user experience so we encourage
you to become a user of XMPP first.
To become a user you need to:

Download an XMPP client (Conversations1 on Android and Gajim on
Windows and Linux)
Create an account on an XMPP server. For startes we recommend creating
an account on the conversations.im server. In both Gajim and
Conversations you can tick the checkbox Create new account during
initial setup.

After downloading a client and creating an account please join the
conversations group chat (MUC) under the address:
xmpp:gsoc at conference.conversations.im?join.

1 Conversations is not available for free on the PlayStore. However we
wouldn’t ask potential applicants to buy the application. Instead
either sideload it from the Open Source App Store F-Droid, build it
from source or join with a different client first and ask for a promo
code in the GSoC group chat, that will allow you to install the app
for free from the Google PlayStore.

Once you are in our group chat we'll assign a more specific teaser task.

2017-02-28 17:02 GMT+01:00 Devershi Chandra <chandra.devershi14 at stu.upes.
> Hello!
> I'm an undergraduate student currently studying cyber security in
> in of the highly esteemed institutions of India. I'm interested in using
> skills for development of Conversations for desktop.
> Previously I've worked with hybrid encryption algorithms (C), single sign
> implementation (Django) and encryption and decryption of texts using
> different cipher techniques (Java).
> I've gone through the requirements and while I satisfy most of them, I'm
> constantly honing my skills over them.
> I wanted to know what can I present in the period of these 3 weeks that
> would really be helpful for you to evaluate my capability as well as be
> beneficial for my GSoC proposal.
> Thanking you!
> -Sincerely
> Devershi Chandra
> Computer Science Engineering
> Cyber Security and Forensics
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