[Foundation] 2002 Election Schedule - Revised

Ryan Eatmon reatmon at jabber.org
Tue Apr 9 17:57:59 CDT 2002

My fellow JSF Members,

  It is time to elect the Jabber Council members for 2002-2003.  The
elections are going to be held on August 20th.  While this is four
months away, we want to make sure we start early enough to give the
candidates enough time to prepare, and for you to get to know the
candidates and find out more about them.  Find out where they stand on
issues and where they've been working in the Jabber Community.

  We are going to be doing things a little differently this year.  We
want to model this after the Debian DPL elections.  Instead of just
having a mad rush to be on the Council, we want to make sure that the
people you want on the Council, get on.

  We are going to start off by allowing you to nominate fellow members
(excluding yourself) to get a feel for who you want to be on there.
 From that list we will cull out the uninterested partied, pick the top
14 winning names, and that will become the Candidate list for this

  The Candidates will then have the chance to publish their platforms,
and give you a chance to get to know them better.  Following that we
will host a debate where more in-depth questions from the membership
will be posed to each candidate and each will be given a chance to
respond.  Following the debate, we will have a two week window for you
to reflect and ask the candidates any other questions you might have,
and the elections will occur on August 20th.

Here is the timeline and description of each step:

June 24-July 3: Nomination Period
  - Members may nominate any of the members they choose
    to *EXCEPT* for themselves.
  - Each member can nominate 3 other members for the Council.
  - Members may make it known that they are interested in being
    nominated, or they do not wish to be nominated.
  - The top 14 willing nominees will be notified that they are

July 8-14: Candidate Platform Preparation
  - Candidates will be given a week to prepare their platform.
  - The platform is a background about yourself, your positions
    on issues, what you want to accomplish by being a Council
    member, etc...

July 15-31: Member Research
  - Members should read over the platforms and think of more in
    depth questions they would like to have answered.
  - All questions go to the debate coordinator to be announced
    by May 10.

August 1: Debate
  - The debate coordinator will pick the best questions, and
    host the debate.

August 13-19: Absentee/Early Voting
  - The results of this are not going to be available until all
    of the votes are tallied on the 20th.

August 20: Official Voting for new Council
  - Each member can cast their votes for the people they want
    on the Council.  Top nine scores win.
  - Results of the vote will only be available after the polls
    are closed, no real-time results.

Note: All dates are in American Central Time.

That's it.  We are looking forward to this election.  Let's all work to
make it a good one.


Ryan Eatmon                   reatmon at jabber.org 
Jabber.org - Perl Team    jid:reatmon at jabber.org

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