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Thomas Nichols tnichols at enernoc.com
Thu Jun 20 02:40:47 UTC 2013

Peter - thanks for sharing this!

For background, EnerNOC has used XMPP internally for our
enterprise-to-device communications for years now, and we've been driving
XMPP specification for OpenADR.

To give some context, OpenADR is a complex multi-protocol (HTTP and XMPP)
specification and we've purposely limited some of the XMPP features that
we use, to maintain a certain level of parity between XMPP and HTTP.  Many
of the OpenADR alliance members have never used XMPP and we tried to keep
things simple to make adoption easier, while still giving some of the
immediate benefits over HTTP.  Our hope is that we can optimize and take
advantage of more XMPP features in future versions of the OpenADR spec as
we gain experience.

To answer some possible FAQs:

- Why not use messages?  All OpenADR service operations currently expect a
response, and the response contains relevant info.  In the future, some
operations could possibly be optimized to assume message delivery and a
"OK" response by default.

- Why not use pub-sub?  While some event dispatches could be multicast to
many clients (VENs) the spec assumes the event payload can contain unique
info per client.  So a separate payload must be created for each client.
But another possible opportunity for optimization nonetheless.

Also, we've purposely limited (but not eliminated) the use of presence for
two reasons:
- Consumer end nodes (VENs) should not be aware of other VENs, only the
VTN (the coordinator/ virtual top node)
- a top node with thousands or millions of VENs subscribed to its presence
presents a performance issue.

Some more context:

OpenADR is a "high level" energy communication schema that attempts to
avoid "direct load control" e.g. Directly interacting with actuators.
OpenADR communicates event information and assumes the VEN (client end
point) will decide on discrete actions to perform.  Similarly, OpenADR
supplies "reports" but no direct sensor access.  In this way, I think
OpenADR is very complementary to the other XMPP IoT efforts going on right

Open to any comments and feedback from XMPP experts!


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On 6/20/13 10:43 AM, "Peter Saint-Andre" <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:

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>Dear IOTers,
>It has come to my attention that the OpenADR Alliance, which produces
>technical guidelines for demand-response systems, has released a draft
>version of their 2.0 specification for public comments. You can find
>the spec here:
>The primary text of interest is Section 9.3, which defines their use
>of XMPP.
>Comments can be sent to mailto:comments at openadr.org (as I understand
>it, preferably by the end of next week). I'll be sending my feedback
>before then, and encourage other folks here to do the same.
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