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Joachim Lindborg joachim.lindborg at sust.se
Wed Mar 13 16:40:31 UTC 2013

As noted we have posted 2 XEP proposals to the council.

This is a serie of in total 11 XEP's that will be submitted shortly. Peter
W and I Joachim L have been looking on earlier initiatives on using XMPP
for sensor networks and specifically Internet Of Things.
We both have a long history in working with large scale sensor networks
such as smart metering and energy efficiency systems.  We are very aware
that a lot can be created via the use of MUC,adhoccommands, pubsub, x-forms
etc from other XEP's and we will adress this.

But what is very clear to us is that to create a solid infrastructure for
interoperable sensor networks that will attract large companies, we need a
set of XEP's that interact closely to cover the whole area from private
proprietary networks up to the full internet of things open sensor
networks. Therefor the XEP's are also namned together under XEP-0000-SN-
exept for the EXI that is general.

The base is the SensorData just published and we are now working on the
Provisioning, Control will come soon. EXI will enable us to implement this
into very constrained networks. This will

 XEP-0000-ExiDefines how to EXI can be used in XMPP to achieve efficient
compression of data. Albeit not a sensor network specific XEP, this XEP
should be considered in all sensor network implementations where memory and
packet size is an issue. xep-0000-SN-BatteryPoweredSensorsDefines how to
handle the peculiars related to battery powered devices, and other devices
intermittantly available on the network. xep-0000-SN-ConcentratorsDefines
how to handle architectures containing concentrators or servers handling
multiple sensors. xep-0000-SN-ControlDefines how to control actuators and
other devices in sensor networks.xep-0000-SN-Discovery Defines the
peculiars of sensor discovery in sensor networks. Apart from discovering
sensors by JID, it also defines how to discover sensors based on location,
etc. xep-0000-SN-EventsDefines how sensors send events, how event
subscription, hysteresis levels, etc., are configured.
xep-0000-SN-Interoperability Defines guidelines for how to achieve
interoperability in sensor networks, publishing interoperability interfaces
for different types of devices. xep-0000-SN-MulticastDefines how sensor
data can be multicast in efficient ways.xep-0000-SN-ProvisioningDefines how
provisioning, the management of access privileges, etc., can be efficiently
and easilly implemented. xep-0000-SN-PubSubDefines how efficient
publication of sensor data can be made in sensor
specification. Provides the underlying architecture, basic operations and
data structures for sensor data communication over XMPP networks. It
includes a hardware abstraction model, removing any technical detail
implemented in underlying technologies. This XEP is used by all other
sensor network XEPs.

About Us

I am running a project iea.sust.se in Sweden where we are looking on how to
span sensor networks over the business model borders for companies. We have
utility, energy service providers, domestic alarms, ventilation and heating
systems working together to use XMPP as the infrastructure.
looking at large initiatives in eu such as fi-ware.eu we have identified
the XMPP community as the best way to move forward.

Peter W has integrated numerous systems that the clayster.com system
supports and is now the main author of the XEP's

We are also active in the IEC/IEEE initiative where XMPP is to be used as
Peter W had a presentation for the group
The group is now looking also looking on these extensions

Anyone willing to participate in this work are eagerly encouraged to
contact us bilaterally or through the mail groups.


Joachim Lindborg
Teknisk Chef

Sustainable Innovation AB
Adress: Box 55998 102 16 Stockholm
Besöksadress: Storgatan 31 (Malmgården)
Email: Joachim.lindborg at sust.se, www.sust.se
Tel +46 706-442270


Joachim Lindborg
Teknisk Chef

Sustainable Innovation AB
Adress: Box 55998 102 16 Stockholm
Besöksadress: Storgatan 31 (Malmgården)
Email: Joachim.lindborg at sust.se, www.sust.se
Tel +46 706-442270
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