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Peter Waher Peter.Waher at clayster.com
Thu Aug 21 15:40:49 UTC 2014

Hello Eelco

We are currently writing a book ("Learning Internet of Things") which will include source code for a sensor, actuator, camera, controller and a protocol bridge. This code includes support for XMPP, MQTT, CoAP, UPnP and HTTP. It is not yet public, but will be soon. This free code supports XEPs 0323, 0324, 0325 (not 0326), 0347 & 0348. (We also license our Clayster platform, which has a much more extensive support for extensions and protocols.)

We are also working on a reference Thing Registry and Provisioning Server at the moment. You can find it here:

API page:

At the bottom of the API page, you can also find some papers related to XMPP & IoT. There's also an Android app you can download, to interact and with the registry and claim ownership of devices and interact with them. Other platforms coming soon.

Best regards,
Peter Waher

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I was wondering if (parts) of the IoT XMPP specifications and / or components that are used within the specification are already implemented as open source or otherwise?

I'm particularly interested if there is some sort of a reference implementation of a "Thing Register".

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