[IOT] Semantic searches in registry

Cramer, E.R. (Eelco) Eelco.Cramer at tno.nl
Tue Feb 10 12:00:10 UTC 2015


I've updated the document on https://servicelab.github.io/iot-discovery.html in an attempt to solve issues that I was still having with this proposal.

> On 05 Feb 2015, at 14:19, Cramer, E.R. (Eelco) <Eelco.Cramer at tno.nl> wrote:
> What I do not like yet is:
> - What is still missing is some way to 'discover' the ontology that is supported by the registry.

I've updated the'Determining support' paragraph with a method to discover namespaces.


> - That there is a 'default' namespace for properties that cannot be set by the sender of the message. I would probably like to have a way that a 'default' can be provided by the sender. Maybe an attribute 'defaultns' in the parent elements or something like that.

I added a 'defaultns' attribute to the parent element of 'property' elements that must be used to set a default namespace for the properties.

What do you guys think?

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