[IOT] Ekster: implementation of XEP-0347

Joachim Lindborg joachim.lindborg at sust.se
Wed Sep 30 14:28:25 UTC 2015

Love it ! thanks for the contribution and with docker-compose too just to
good. Will try it soon

You can clone the http://xmpp-iot.org site
https://github.com/xmpp-iot/xmpp-iot.github.io and add a tutorial for the
registry under

Then you can use the converse client to access devices to read an write

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2015-09-30 13:31 GMT+02:00 Cramer, E.R. (Eelco) <Eelco.Cramer at tno.nl>:

> Hi guys,
> We’ve decided to open source our implementation of XEP-0347 IoT Discovery.
> We’ve named it Ekster and you can find the code on github:
> https://github.com/TNO-IoT/ekster
> Until now there was no open source implementation of the IoT discovery XEP
> for developers to play with (expect for the hosted service of Clayster) and
> Ekster enables developers with an intrest in XMPP IoT to run a registry on
> their own development environment.
> The current state of Ekster is that it suitable for development. We
> haven’t used it in production ourselves. Ekster is written in coffeescript
> and runs on NodeJS. Currently it can run as an external component to a XMPP
> server but it should not be to hard to change it to run as a XMPP client.
> The documentation is still to be improved with message flow examples and it
> would be nice to create some kind of demo site to see the code in action.
> Ekster uses mongod as its database but it is possible to add custom
> backend providers to enable other storage. When we started the
> implementation we’ve experimented with octoblu as a backend and the code
> for the octublu backend is still there.
> The code is accompanied by 2 other github projects that I use for
> integration tests.
> I welcome all of your suggestions! Feedback is greatly appreciated.
> Kind regards,
> Eelco
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